U.S. History and Government

Step By Step Civil War Make sure to complete the civil war classwork by 1-28-16

Test on Wednesday, January 20: Complete the review, listed as Causes of Civil War Review. This will be checked on the day of the Exam.

Quiz on Monday, January 11th, 2016: The words which will be on the quiz are: transcendentalism, segregate, utopian community, abolitionist movement, emacipation, underground railroad,suffrage, manifest destiny, annex, Wilmot Proviso, Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act, nativism, Kansas-Nebraska Act, popular sovereignty,free soiler, Dred Scott v. Sanford and the Lincoln-Douglas Debates. 

Please be sure that you are looking at the notes you took this week to prepare for this quiz.

Assignment UPDATE: Please make sure that you are completing the December Break Assignment listed below. Since there were many students that did not buy the review book, which will be checked when we return, the assignment is to be completed from the text. 

IN CLASS DBQ: Complete the in class DBQ by tomorrow, December 11th. It is to be completed on turnitin.com. Your class specific ID's are listed below. Please be sure to use the DBQ guide which was provided to you in class. Please note that this assignment is worth 50 points.

                     A Period: 

                                   Class I.D. :11273907

                                    Passcode: Lincoln

                     B Period:

                                  Class I.D.: 11273920

                                   Passcode: Jefferson

                    E Period: 

                                   Class I.D. :11273924

                                    Passcode: Washington

Test on Tuesday, December 1st. Complete the Feds to war of 1812 review sheet listed in the uploaded files section of this page.
Quiz FRIDAY on vacb for the Federalist Era!

Strict construction
Loose construction
Jays treaty
Whiskey rebellion
xyz Affair 
Alien and Sedition Acts
Virginia and Kentucky Resolution

Explain why we form political parties. What do the Federalist want? 
What do the Democratic Republicans want?
What does it mean when we talk about the unwritten constitution?
Why is George Washington's presidency so important? What does he accomplish?
Find a political cartoon from the Federalist Era and print it out. On the back answer the following questions:

Is it in support of the of the Federalists or the Democratic Republicans? What is their subject? What message are they trying to convey? Why did they choose the characters/illustration that they did?

Test - Friday, Novemeber 6th:Test review should be completed for Friday (Constitution Part 1), but I will be checking this on Monday. The vocab words that also need to be completed from the textbook are: Constitutional Convention, amend, veto, Great Compromise, Three-Fifths Compromise, federal system of government, seperation of powers, checks and balances, electoral college, ratify, Federalist, anti=federalist, Bill of Rights, cabinet, precedent.

Test - Tuesday October 27 -  Complete the review listed in the uploaded files section of this page, under Am Rev and Gov Review Sheet. Be sure to have read pgs 127-149 in the text. There is also a copy of the review listed below if you are having trouble with the link.

American Revolution and Early Government Review

Directions: Read pages  127-149, along with reviewing notes and handouts to complete the following questions. Each question should be answered in one to three sentences.

1.       How did the revolution begin?

2.       How did the first battles go for the Americans?

3.       What were mercenaries and what effect did they have on the war?

4.       What is the significance of the Battle of Saratoga?

5.       Who were the men that fought these battles?

6.       Why is it hard to financially support this war on the American front?

7.       When do the Americans begin to gain international support?

8.       What was profiteering and how is it related to blockading/inflation?

9.       How do the struggle of early Americans unite them later on?

10.   What did the government during the time of the revolution look like?

11.   What documents were drawn up to lead the government through the revolution?

12.   How do the Articles of Confederation hurt Americans?

13.   How do the Articles of Confederation help Americans?

14.   When were the three branches of government formed?

15.   What is the purpose of having three branches of government?

16.   What is the Treaty of Paris of 1783? What resolutions are made?

17.   What is a constitution?

18.   To create the American Constitution, what influences were used?

19.   Why was it a challenge to create a democracy at this time? What occurs during Shay’s rebellion?

Reminder - Vocabulary Quiz: 10/22 Please define the words listed below

Homework 10/20:  Use the outline of the constitution, found here - http://www.sonoma.edu/tah2/lessons/jolly/lessons_2008/outline_and_summary_of_the_united_states_constitution.doc  to answer the questions found in the following document. - http://cvhs.johnston.k12.nc.us/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=9131233

Battles of the American Revolution Project

Your video should do the following:

o   Teach the class about the battle/event which you were assigned.

o   Show the main significance of the battle/event.

o   Give the date of your battle/event

o   Give the title of your battle/event.

o   Have at least 4 lines of text explaining your battle/event.

o   Be at least 45 seconds long. 

o   If you are adding a clip from another movie, which can be at MAX 3 seconds, you must add another 2 seconds of time to your film.

o   Have photos/pictures/drawings of the location, people and key players.

To submit this section you should either:

1.       Create a YouTube account (if you have Gmail you already have one) and send me a link of your video.

2.       Use dropbox – a free file compression service -  and send that to me.

***This must be done by 8 am of the morning that your project is due. ***

Your Timeline Tile should:

o   Be on an 8.5’’ X11’’ piece of paper

o   Have the date of the event or battle on the bottom in BOLD letters

o   Have the name of the battle/event on the top in BOLD letters

o   Be in color

o   Show the main significance and key people of the battle/event

o   Be neatly done

o   If you are creating a collage instead, please make sure that this is done neatly and is clear so that we can understand its message.

Vocabulary: There will be a vocabulary quiz on Thrusday, October 22nd. It will be on the following words.:

Chapter 4, Section 4casualty, loyalist, mercenary, Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Saratoga

Section 5 – blockade, profiteering, inflation, Battle of Yorktown, Patriotism, Treaty of Paris (1783)

Chapter 5, Section 1 Articles of Confederation, legislative branch, executive branch, judicial branch, constitution, democracy, republic, Shay’s Rebellion, Specie.

Timeline Video and Tile: Please see the rubric attached below in the uploaded files section of this page. It is titled American Revolution Project Rubric.

Test: Tuesday, October 6th. Please prepare by completing the recview sheet listed in the uploaded files section of this page.

Homework October 1st:Due on Tuesday, Octoer 6th, along with preparation for test. Complete the review sheet listed as Test 1 Review. Complete all vocabulary as well.

Homework Sept. 22: Complete the following vocabulary words from your textbook and prepare for your Quiz on Thursday, Sept. 24th.    Chapter 1, Section 2 - Magna Carta    Section 3 - cash crops   Chapter 2, Section 2 - privateer, chater, joint stock company, royal colony, legislature, House of Burgesses  Section 3 - New England Colonies, Puritan, Pilgrim, Mayflower Compact, Great Migration, Religious Tolerance   Section 4 - Middle Colonies, Proprietary Colony, Southern Colonies

Homework Sept. 11: Congratulations on completing your first day of school! Complete your 911 speech analysis sheet. It will be checked as your first homework.It is attached below for your reference.