U.S. History and Government

Test: Tuesday, October 6th. Please prepare by completing the recview sheet listed in the uploaded files section of this page.

Homework October 1st:Due on Tuesday, Octoer 6th, along with preparation for test. Complete the review sheet listed as Test 1 Review. Complete all vocabulary as well.

Homework Sept. 22: Complete the following vocabulary words from your textbook and prepare for your Quiz on Thursday, Sept. 24th.    Chapter 1, Section 2 - Magna Carta    Section 3 - cash crops   Chapter 2, Section 2 - privateer, chater, joint stock company, royal colony, legislature, House of Burgesses  Section 3 - New England Colonies, Puritan, Pilgrim, Mayflower Compact, Great Migration, Religious Tolerance   Section 4 - Middle Colonies, Proprietary Colony, Southern Colonies

Homework Sept. 11: Congratulations on completing your first day of school! Complete your 911 speech analysis sheet. It will be checked as your first homework.It is attached below for your reference.