Healing and Making Peace


2nd Quarter

Special Contract:       Read book Woodsong by Gary Paulsen.                                                                                                                 Test on book afterschool Thursday 1/8/15 in room W212                                                                                  *in the event of a school closing check web page for any changes*


Test 3: [50 pts.]  (Notes 3)        12/11

Test 4: [50 pts.]  (Notes 4)        1/8                         

FINAL:   1/20


Project: [50 pts.]

Your Symbolic Story

     Our lives are a web of experiences, People and situations. To grasp the bigger picture we need to periodically step back and look through a different lens. Symbolic sight allows us this perspective. Since a picture is worth a thousand words you will be asked to express your life through symbols. Native Americans would often use animal symbols to illustrate qualities.


     There are 4 parts to this project:

Look at 4 different areas of your life. For each area provide a symbol and an explanation of your choice.

Each part is equally important

Label each part area separately.

If you choose NOT to follow the directions your paper will NOT be accepted

E-mail: Copy and paste. No Attachments

  1. An area in your life that needs healing.
  2. What holds you back?     
  3. How do you view yourself (self esteem)? 
  4. Where you want your life to go, your goal as a healed person 



Early Plusdate [+6]:   11/20

Early [+4]:   11/22

Due date:   11/25*

Grace date:   12/1

*we do not meet on this day