Healing and Making Peace

                                            Healing   Quarter 3

Tests:   [50 pts. each]                                                                                                             

     Test 1 [Notes 1a: Coach Carter & 1b: Healing Overview]: D: TBA, F: TBA      

     Test 2 [Notes 2: Anatomy of a Crisis]:  D: TBA, F: TBA                             

Book:   [25 pts. each]

F Period     Petey   by Ben Mikaelsen

            Chap 1-8: 2/9

            Chap 9-14: 3/4

D Period     Touching Spirit Bear   by Ben Mikaelsen

Chap 1-7:  2/10           

Chap 8-14: 3/3

Project:   [50 pts]

Project: “Baggage”    (500 wd. min.) [50 pts.]

            Healing is a transformative process that brings us back into the flow of life. We become energized and present. Although there may still be pain, we are no longer anchored to the things that dragged us down; cutting us off from the sweetness of life. It is safe to say that all of the obstacles that prevent us from being fully engaged with life are areas that need healing.

            This project is an opportunity to get a glimpse at some of the subtle and not so subtle areas of inertia in our lives. Take note of where and possibly why you begin to plug your energy reserves into the areas of your life that draining (worries, future concerns, unfinished business, “baggage”, drama, unresolved anger, “story lines”, etc.).

Answer each of the following parts

250 wd. minimum for each part

Label each part A, B

If you choose not to follow the directions your paper will not be accepted.

  1. Describe an area in your life that weighs you down.

(ongoing hurt, unfinished business, unresolved anger, baggage, drama, etc.).

  1. Why do I “hold” on to this? Why is it so difficult to let this weight go

Early PLUS [+6]:  D: 2/5*,  F: 2/5

Early date  [+4]:  D: 2/7*,   F: 2/7*

Due date:            D: 2/10, F: 2/10*  

Grace date:         D: 2/12, F: 2/12* 

                                                             [* we do not meet on this day]