I have heard from some of you that you were involved with school functions and missed the deadline.  i have no problem with  assessing your papers at 100% until the end of the weekend to accommodate those sincere in their efforts.  Monday I will begin the assessment at the lowered grade.  Again, if you are having difficulty with getting on turnitin, just let me know and send your essay in an attachment.

Only 7 of you have submitted your thesis to turnitin, and to those of you who did submt, I want to say that they were very well done.  I opened turnitin to receive papers up to May 4, so you can try again to submit your essays.  Only the papers that have been submitted were graded at 100%.  Any late submissions will be graded atarting at 90%. If you are having trouble getting onto turnitin, you know to alert me and send your essay in an attachment to jbarricelli@sfponline.org. 

As soon as you've submitted your thesis, start working on the scene from your play that will help engage the audience in your struggle to make your chosen issue one that others will pay attention to.

April 29 through May 18: Friday April 29: Follow-up quiz on Othello and your thesis essay is due on turnitin. Monday May 9: Your scene from the play based on your thesis is due. It should be a dialogue of about 15-20 lines. If you want to write a soliloquy, that is fine also. You just have to give a short abstract of what the scene is intended to convey. Wednesday May 18: Your critique of an article on Waiting for Godot.

For the week of April 11:

As you know there will be no class on Monday April 11 (Check your SFP email).  Please have your work on the precis for the play you are writing scenes for written in your notebook by Tuesday.  Continue reading Godot.

Easter Vacation assignment;

Read "Waiting for Godot"-Beckett, and an article on the play, which you can find on the GALE site.  Submit your response to the article on turnitin by April 4.

For the week of March 21:

Your essay on "A Doll House" is due on Wednesday.

Vacation assignment: Read "Fences" and, after you read the critique on the Gale site, write a response and submit it to turnitin. For the week of Jan. 11: Have your comments on A Doll House ready to hand in. The literary terms quiz will be on Tuesday.

Christmas Vacation Assignment:

Finish reading A Dollhouse and write your comments and questions on the play in your notebook.  When you are finished, choose your 10 best comments/questions and type them up to be handed in upon your return to class in January.

Enjoy your vacation, and be sure to practice the energy and focus techniques.  Balance those plates.

For the week of Dec. 20:

Be ready to hand in your essay on Antigone on Monday.  Submit your paper to turnitin by Wednesday, December 23.

For the week of Dec. 7:

The follow-up test on Antigone will be on Wednesday.

You should have your second draft of your essay on Antigone completed by Wednesday.  The final draft will be submitted next week  to turnitin so make sure you are signed up.

Keep reading A Doll House.

For the week of Nov. 30-Dec.4: Keep writing your rough draft on Antigone. The follow-up quiz on notes on Antigone will be next Wednesday, Dec. 9. Continue reading A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen.

For the week of Nov. 9:

The quiz on the Apology will be on Tuesday, Nov. 10. 

Please make sure you have submitted your comments on Antigone  and your literary criticism response to turnitin.  If you are having trouble with the site (and you have already told me), make sure you have submitted a hard copy of your work by Tuesday.

Keep reading "Antigone" by Jean Anouilh and keep working on your essay.

Welcome to Drama, which I hope you understand is the name of the course, not a description of the dominant emotional condition of the class.

Please print out a copy of the course requirements, and bring it to class.

Please bring a notebook (as described in the course requirements).