English 11

Bring The Human Comedy to class, 5 pts.

Monday, 11/24:  Vocab 5 Quiz, 50 pts., and Unit 5 exercises, 10 pts.

Wednesday, 11/26:  Bring The Things They Carried to class, 5 pts.  Order asap!  (Not enough of a class set to distribute--sorry.)

Wednesday, 12/10:  The Things They Carried reading exam, 100 pts.

Wednesday, 11/19:  Catcher in the Rye body paragraph re-write!  50 pts.  Typed.  You  must staple your original essay to the back of the new body.  From our class discussions and one-on-one interviews AND my comments/suggestions, please pick the weaker of your two body paragraphs.

Monday, 11/17: Show me my essay comments written in the back of your English notebook. 5 pts.

FRIDAY, 11/14: In-class assignment in your notebook.  10 pts.  Discuss two of the following literary elements and how Saroyan uses each to enhance the scene's drama and thematic meaning.  Your critical lens statement could be something like "You never walk alone."  Imagery, symbolism, characterization, conflict.  You are basically writing two body paragraphs for a literary essay.  Remember the importance of ANALYSIS--your ideas, insight, critical reaction to reveal the importance and meaning of your choices!  (We will also finish our Catcher in the Rye essay interviews.)

Thursday, 11/13:  Vocab Unit 4 Quiz, 50 pts.  AND Unit 4 exercises due, 10 pts.

Thursday, 11/6:  The Human Comedy Reading Exam, 100 pts.  Bring a pencil!  

ALSO:  For extra credit, write about your favorite character in the novel and explain why. What does he or she do/say that made an impression on you?  What traits of his/hers do you possess, or wish you could possess, and why. 1/2 page min.  Up to 10 pts.!

Wednesday, 11/5:  Bring The Human Comedy to class. I will give you most of the period to read/prepare for Wednesday's reading exam, OR, finish your Catcher essay.

Tuesday, 11/4:  Catcher in the Rye literary essay, in class. 100 pts.  More tips to come!

MONDAY, 11/3:  Intro paragraph due!  10 pts.  Your critical lens statement will be "Letting go requires more strength than holding on."  Your essay will require two specific scenes when Holden, if only for a moment, is able to let go of his feelings of anger, doubt, self-destruction, etc.  What character(s) if any helps him and how?  Remember, in body paragraphs you must include lines from the scene to support your response.  ALSO, you must make a reference to one literary element in one of your body paragraphs (-5 if you forget, +5 if you remember).  Your intro paragraph's first sentence must be a clear thesis statement that includes the title (underlined), the author, the main character's name and  how he/she fits into the critical lens statement.  See sample intro & body for Of Mice and Men below.

In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George is heroic because he faces forces larger than himself, whether it's having to care for Lennie or trying to keep hope alive in a hopeless Great Depression landscape. He is a man of character because he keeps his promise to Aunt Clara to watch out for Lennie and try to give him some life of normalcy and joy. He is also a man of optimism because he believes, if only for a short time, that he and his best friend can have their own place and actually achieve a small slice of the American Dream. Tragically it all ends with the death of Lennie, but George's mercy killing still shows his love and concern to the very end--the trait of a true hero.

One of the most heroic things George does for Lennie is give him a sense of independence and importance. In the "fatta the lan'" dream of having their own place and being their own bosses, he makes it very clear to Lennie that he will be in charge of feeding and caring for his beloved rabbits. This brings Lennie such a sense of responsibility and joy that it gives him what every human being needs to survive--a sense of purpose. When Lennie realizes that he will always have George, his sense of security is so strong and confident, that he practically giggles like a child: "'...because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why.' He laughed delightedly."  When any human being makes this challenging life a little easier and more bearable for his fellow man, he is truly a hero and a unique individual worthy of praise. The fact that this makes George a little happier also shows his concern and compassion for his simple minded friend.

Wed., 10/22:  Vocab Unit 3 Quiz (50 pts.) and Unit 3 exercises due (10 pts.).  Bring a pencil.

Due Thursday, 10/23:  My Glass Case, 10 pts.  What is the most joyous moment of your life you would like to preserve the way Holden wants to preserve his youth and innocence (and Phoebe, and Jane, etc.)?  1 page min. in your notebook.  Be specific, use lots of details and imagery so that the reader experiences this moment, too!
ALSO: Bring The Human Comedy to class! 5 pts.  Order asap or go to your local library

TUESDAY, 10/14:  "Saving Holden" Essay due, 100 pts. 2 pages typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. size.  Create a new scene (with a new setting) for The Catcher in the Rye in which Holden meets YOU and you help save him through words and/or actions.  Make sure to write in HIS voice, 1st person narration ("goddam,"  "...and all," "that kills me," etc.).  Make it unique, powerful, and have fun with it!  Note: Scene must have dialogue, imagery, and a new symbol (worth 10 pts.).  Don't forget full heading.  

THURSDAY, 10/9:  Vocab 2 Quiz (50 pts.) and Unit 2 exercises due, 10 pts.

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”  Abraham Lincoln