Department: Mathematics

Course: Integrated Algebra 1 Honors

Teacher: Ms. Klein

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Integrated Algebra 1 Honors

What to expect/ things to bring for the Common Core Exam in June

·         When is the exam?

o   Algebra:   Tuesday June 13th at 12:30pm

·         What happens the day of the exam?

o   You will enter your classroom (F - E010) and have to put all of your bags, purses, etc… in the front of the room.

o   You will then be seated alphabetically.

o   The only thing that will be at your desk is every that you need for the exam. (see bottom).

o   Instructions will be read to you and your calculators will be cleared.  The proctor will check you calculator to make sure that your calculators are clear and that the degree mode is on.  For Algebra students, your Diagnostics will also be turned on.


·         How long is the exam?

o   The Common Core Exam is three hours long.  After two hours, an announcement will be made and if you are finished you will be allowed to leave.  DO NOT LEAVE IF QUESTIONS ARE BLANK, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY CREDIT.  Remember that you must pass this exam with a 65 and its gets averaged into your overall grade as the Final Exam for this course!


·         What can I write with while taking the exam?

o   The Common Core Exam MUST be taken in BLACK INK ONLY.  The only part of your exam that is in pencil are the graphs, drawings, etc…  The “scantron sheet”, short response questions and your signature at the end of the exam are all done in BLACK INK.


·         What do I need to bring to the exam?

o   Algebra:

§  Number two pencils for graphs and drawings on the exam.

§  Black pens

§  Calcuator that is charged

§  Extra AAA batteries if your calculator takes batteries

§  Ruler

§  Eraser

§  Optional:  Pencil Sharpener

·         When you are told that you are allowed to being your exam, the first thing you do is rip out the last page!  It is the Reference Sheet.  Keep it to the side while you are taking the exam.  There is also a page of graph paper in the back, Rip this page out too!  It will not be graded, but use it as scrap paper if needed.


·         Remember to write neatly!  I will not be grading your exam.  If we can’t read it, we can’t grade it!


·         Lastly, make me proud!  We studied and worked all year for this exam, you can do this!  GOOD LUCK! 


                                                                                                                                                                I will miss you! – Mrs. Klein

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