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An Intolerance For Intolerance

By Kevin Choe '08

Jealousy, arrogance, and sheer iniquity are all motives for discrimination. Virtually everyone who lives in human society has heard malicious whispers. But very few are aware of the prejudice that is integrated within such acts.

We are taught to ignore the contempt of society, but the world must understand that the offspring of ignorance is intolerance. We cannot hide behind the shadows of indifference, nor can we find refuge in aggression.

Teenagers, the most naive and impetuous creatures on earth, must recognize the severity of discrimination. The mockery, partiality, and inequality of people are unwarranted acts of hate. It is unfortunate that teenagers are forced into a world of such crude bigotry, but that is life. On the other hand, many teenagers are guilty of creating such a world; by constructing cliques and social standards measuring one’s beauty and understanding of current trends, many teenagers become advocates of discrimination.

A considerable number of people are in search of one thing: perfection. And many people believe that beauty, success, money, power, and so forth are the essence of perfection. Sometimes, groups of people believe that a certain race is the essence of perfection. And in other cases, a number of people consider a certain gender the essence of perfection. On the whole, the entire notion of absolute flawlessness is ridiculous, for such a thing is unattainable. But inane people believe in inane things.

Discrimination is a worldwide epidemic; it can affect anyone, anywhere. It is the cause of bloody revolutions, devastating terrorist acts, and morbid wars. The depredation of discrimination is infinite.

But there is something everyone can do to stop it: every person can stop judging others by their race, sex, gender, nationality, and so forth. Destroy the foundations of prejudice, or it will destroy you.