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Who Rules the School?

By Sabrina Piazzza '10

"One Grade to rule them all, One Grade to find them,

One Grade to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the Land of Prep where the coach bags thrive."

Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen all have one thing in common: they think they are the best grade out of all. You see freshmen walking around like they are the big shots of the school and even though they have only been here for about 5 months, they hold on to that mentality.

The freshman this year are a whole different kind of breed as opposed to the freshmen from previous years. As mentioned earlier they walk around like they are the big shots of the school and they are not afraid to use their mouths when necessary. They walk around, giving nasty looks to everyone (but the seniors); it doesn’t mean anything when it comes from a freshman. It’s so much different for seniors though. What kind of freshman, sophomore, or junior would do that to a senior and get away with it? The lucky kind.

Likewise, the sophomores, just out of their freshman year and no longer the "froshies," seem to have acquired a baseless sense of power and have started to pick on some of the little freshmen. It’s almost as if they want revenge for the intimidation they received from sophomores last year. What’s more, they’ve also actually started to man up to the seniors and juniors a bit...the audacity!

One year older, the juniors are finally considered upperclassmen and they definitely don’t let anyone forget it. Being upperclassmen, they relish the fact that they can take senior classes and actually talk and befriend some of the seniors. Sometimes the juniors and seniors get along so well you can’t tell who the senior is and who the junior is, unless they are wearing senior shirts. Also, as the seniors are preoccupied with college applications (constantly running around the school looking for stamps and envelopes), the juniors seem to take advantage of their de facto status as the rulers of Prep. "I think juniors and seniors rule the school because we get more frees than freshmen and sophomores, have more things to do, and we can choose our own classes in just about any subject." - Sean Thompson ‘09.

Now, the seniors are in a whole different class of their own. Although seniors have college on their mind, they still don’t forget that they are the seniors and that everyone has to "bow down" to them. They walk the halls in all of their so called "glory" and it’s as if the Red Sea has been parted again, because well, everybody moves out of their way. "Seniors rule the school because we get gangster shirts and because we have eight zillion frees." - Andre "Chad" Godat ‘08.

The seniors and juniors pretty much have a few months and a little over a year left in this school (respectively) and want to ride out their power. That’s understandable, but they should at least try and show some of the underclassmen some sympathy before they leave or else they’re just feeding into the vicious cycle of grade hierarchy.

So who does rule the school you ask? Nobody really. Every grade is equal, although some grades are more equal than others.

Nevertheless, most upperclassmen and underclassmen do get along and fortunately, not everyone at Prep is eager to assert their power and status in school. If all of the grades could realize that they are not "the big cheese" of this school, all the drama and all the trivial fights and tensions between grades could disappear. And so, the next time you think that you are better than an upper- or underclassmen, think again because you were either once in their shoes, or soon will be. After all, the seniors will be freshmen again next year.