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Date Team Opponent Location

9/6/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Kellenberg Kissena Corridor 4:15 Home

9/8/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Holy Cross College Point Complex 4:00 Away

9/8/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Holy Cross Kissena Corridor Home

9/8/2017  Soccer JV B-Boys Kellenberg Kellenberg 4:15 pm Away

9/12/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Christ the King Kissena Corridor 4:00 Home

9/12/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Christ the King Juniper Park 4:00 Away

9/14/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Molloy Kissena Corridor 4:00 Home

9/14/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Molloy Alley Pond Park 4:00 Away

9/15/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Xaverian Kissena Corridor 4:00 Home

9/15/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Xaverian Verrazano Narrows 4:00 Away

9/15/2017  Soccer JV B-Boys Half Hallow Hills EAST Half Hallow Hills EAST 4:15 Away

9/19/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Iona Kissena Corridor 4:00 Home

9/19/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Iona Iona Prep 4:00 Away

9/21/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Xavier Randall's Island 4:30 Away

9/21/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Xavier Kissena Corridor 4:30 Home

9/26/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Farrell Kissena Corridor 4:30 Home

9/26/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Farrell Farrell 4:30 Away

9/28/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Fordham Fordham Prep Away

9/28/2017  Soccer Varsity-Boys Fordham Prep Kissena Corridor 4:00 Home

9/29/2017  Soccer JV A-Boys Stepinac Stepinac 4:00 Away

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