Prep is Social

The SFP Music Program of Distinction and the Visual Arts Program of Distinction honor the arts as an expressive, creative art form. These accredited programs are unique for a Catholic high school. #Golden Links

Prep is Social

At Prep students are members of our school, our city, our nation, and our world. We value the unique contribution each person makes to all the Prep communities. #Golden Links

Prep is Intellectual

At SFP we provide opportunities for students to achieve full academic potential. Personal interests and talents make college and career choices clear. #Golden Links

Prep is the Future

SFP graduates excel in all fields and careers. The network of Prep graduates will be there wherever you go. High School is four years, Prep is forever

Prep is the Future

Prep Seniors signing the beam for the new Music and Phys-Ed wing!

Games for 3/24/2019

Softball Varsity
Great Kills Little League- 8am
TOURNAMENT vs. Moore Catholic
Softball Varsity
Great Kills Little League- 10am
TOURNAMENT vs. Telecommunication

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Principal's Newsletter

February 2019

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
Lyndon Johnson

From the desk of Mr. McLaughlin:

On Wednesday, February 13, we inducted 179 Juniors and Seniors to the Franciscan Chapter of the National Honor Society. I am so very proud of these students who have worked hard and deserve the recognition for their outstanding accomplishments in the area of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. We were privileged to have Eric Gioia, SFP class of 1991, return to the Prep to give an inspirational message to the students about perseverance and hard work. Eric currently is Managing Director, Private Bank at J.P. Morgan. Congratulations to our students. Thank you to the work of the Faculty Council and Moderators, Dr. Sullivan, Mrs. Bergin-Sementilli, and Mrs. Rafferty, for selecting such a deserving class. Well done!

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