Prep is Intellectual

St. Francis Prep is a Catholic, college preparatory school in the Franciscan tradition. #Golden Links

Prep is Intellectual

We challenge every individual to value learning, thinking, and critical inquiry. The teachers educate students and inspire them! #Golden Links

Prep is Physical

At SFP teams respect the unique contributions of each athlete. Our players develop a strong sense of teamwork and comradery. #Golden Links

Prep is Spiritual

In the words of Pope John Paul II, the mission of the Catholic school is "to communicate Christ." At the Prep we manifest peace, love, and respect for the individual in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. #Golden Links

Prep is Intellectual

At SFP we provide opportunities for students to achieve full academic potential. Personal interests and talents make college and career choices clear. #Golden Links

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Senior Dressdown Guidelines
May 18, 2018


Junior Semi-Formal
Thurs-5/24 6:30-8:30pm Gym
Wed-6/13 8:30am-12 5:30-8 W103
Thurs-6/14 8:30am-12 W103


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Principal's Newsletter

April 2018

“Big goals get big results. No goals get no results or somebody else’s results.”
Mark Victor Hansen

From the desk of Mr. McLaughlin:

Finally the weather has made a turn for the better and I have been able to get out and see some of our teams play. I always enjoy watching our student athletes and their coaches proudly represent SFP. In that spirit, I also acknowledge and celebrate all those in our student activities program who do such a great job both in and out of the classroom. We always encourage all of our students to be involved outside the classroom and to try the various clubs and activities available while excelling academically. Being a large school affords us the opportunity to offer more and a greater variety of sports and activities for our students. The April Newsletter celebrates the many accomplishments of both our students and faculty members. Well done!
Reminder: The Junior Semi-Formal and Junior Day is coming up on May 18. Tickets for the Semi-Formal are $30 and will be on sale starting May 7-16.

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