Interested in going to Germany this summer! Want to make new friends? Be part of the German Exchange!

Here is more information about the exchange and an application:

Intro Letter to Parents with letterhead 2018 Exchange.docx

German Exchange ProgramApplication Form2019.docx 

See Mr. Kruger in W009 or in the Social Studies Office for more details on the 2019 exchange.

Here is a short video of our new partner school:

New Social Studies Course - COLD WAR - Independent Study

 A new Social Studies course ("Cold War - Independent Study") is being offered  for school credit in connection with the 2019 German Exchange. Any current freshman, sophomore or junior participating in the German Exchange can register for the course for the 2019-2020 school year. 

   The topic is the Cold War in East and West Germany. At our partner school, meetings will be arranged for students to talk to West Germans who experienced the Cold War. West Germans who served in the West German military, had relatives in East Germany or lived near the inner German border will talk to students about their experiences. We will also go to Point Alpha, a former U.S. army checkpoint on the inner German border, which is now a museum.

  During the Berlin part of our trip, we will visit several Cold War sites, including the Berlin Wall and a former prison of the East German secret police, and talk to Germans who experienced the Cold War in East Germany. 

  Students' grades will be based on a research paper comparing the Cold War experiences of Germans from the East and West. Prior to the trip, students will also answer several worksheets and be required to see the movie  "Bridge of Spies." 

  See Mr. Kruger for more details.