• Moderator: Mr. Aguilo
Volleyball Rules

It has always been the expectation of our students to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a St. Francis Prep student. Misconduct and harassment will be strictly prohibited. All taunting, trash-talking, and putdowns will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the game. More than one violation will result in expulsion from the season. This is not negotiable.


All students must follow the dress down day guidelines set forth in the General Rules. The only exception is that athletic shorts are permissible. A first violation will result in a warning. A second violation will result in ejection from the games for that evening. A third violation will result in ejection from the Intramural Volleyball League and subsequent Intramural Sports.

All standard Volleyball rules will be followed with the following exceptions:

-21 point games- Rally Scoring (anyone can score a point regardless of who is serving) Must win by 2 points until game is tied at 25. At 25, next point wins.

-Teams will have 40 minutes to complete three games. When time ends, the leading team will be declared victorious and does not need to be ahead by 2.  If tied, the next point will determine winner. If teams complete three games before the 40 minutes ends, they may play an additional game but it will NOT count towards the standings.

-Games will be played 8 on 8. One member of each gender must be on the court at all times. If a team has less than 8 they may play but the other team may keep 8 on the court. Teams may strategically set players in whatever position they wish before the first serve. Once the first serve of the game occurs, teams must then follow proper rotation until the conclusion of the game.

-Teams will forfeit their current, previous, and subsequent games for the night if they are discovered using "illegal" players. This includes non-roster, academically ineligible, and non-Prep students. A second offense will result in a team's disqualification from the season and denied entry into further Intramural Sports. All offending members wishing to re-enter the Intramural Sports program must present their case to Mr. Aguilo after the current Intramural Season has ended.

-Substitution can only occur when a player reaches the spot to serve.  If someone serves they must rotate completely around before coming out.  You can resubstitute in any order.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBSTITUTE IF YOU WANT THAT PLAYER TO SERVE.

-Because of the small space between the backline and the walls/bleachers, 1 foot must be behind the line when serving.

-Any ball that hits the ceiling, basket, or light and remains on the same side of the court may be played over.  If the ball ricochets over to the other side it would be considered out.

-A serve that hits the net and goes over is good and must be played by the receiving team.

-There may be times when you are officiating your own games.  If there is a disputed call, replay the point.

-Any student who fails two subjects by the end of a quarter is ineligible until the mid-quarter report of the following quarter. If a student is failing any two subjects at that time, they are ineligible for the remainder of the quarter. Any student who failed two subjects in June is on probation. If, when the mid-quarter report is distributed, that student is failing two or more subjects, the student will be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities until the end of the first quarter. This is school policy and cannot be negotiated.