Prep is Social

Prep students in a Color Run to support a charitable cause!

Prep is Social

The SFP Music Program of Distinction and the Visual Arts Program of Distinction honor the arts as an expressive, creative art form. These accredited programs are unique for a Catholic high school. #Golden Links

Prep is Spiritual

In the words of Pope John Paul II, the mission of the Catholic school is "to communicate Christ." At the Prep we manifest peace, love, and respect for the individual in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. #Golden Links

Prep is Physical

Our focus is the whole person. We inspire students to develop their God given gifts and to respect the abilities of all. #Golden Links

Prep is the Future

SFP graduates excel in all fields and careers. The network of Prep graduates will be there wherever you go. High School is four years, Prep is forever

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Principal's Newsletter

May 2019

“Take risks. Ask the dumb questions. Fail if you have to, and then get up and do it again.”
Jacqueline Novogratz

May is a transition time at SFP!

The last class day for our seniors was May 17th, incoming 9th grade orientation was held on May 23rd, on the 24th we celebrated Junior Day, and the senior prom was May 29th. Our beautiful Graduation Liturgy was held in our auditorium on May 31st, and the Graduation ceremony at St. John’s University was on June 1st. For our seniors, it is the transition from what is known to the unexpected; for the rest of our students, it has been another year of development in high school. Change is always filled with a degree of anxiety, but anxiety turned inside out is excitement. At SFP, we believe our students are always ready for the next step and constantly growing as they are assisted by our Catholic Franciscan Mission.

Mr. McLaughlin

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