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 I am happy to be your first high school  French teacher this year.

French 1 /2019-2020

Welcome to French 1,Cand F

Objectives: This class is designed for French beginners. Students, at this stage, are required to acquire French Language through a communicational approach.

By so doing, we will focus more on speaking while we will smoothly explore the other Language domains such as: listening, writing and reading more profoundly until they are familiar with the most useful daily French words and expressions and use them appropriately.

Importance of French Language

French is a beautiful language. It is one of  the most popular  World Languages.

So, it is important to learn French and speak it so when you visit France or other French-speaking countries, you will be more comfortable to address your needs without hiring an Interpreter, you will  easily comprehend all your surroundings by asking questions and reading  road signs in French.

What will you learn in this class?

You will learn how to pray in French, to greet people, introduce yourself and friends; you will know to count from 1 to 100,000. You will know how to indicate time, what you want to do, where you want to go, express your emotions, identify colors, say how much money you have in your pocket, you need to spend or ask your parents, to order  food in a restaurant , what you like and dislike, you will learn a lot about  French monuments such as : la tour Eiffel, Le Louvre..French cuisine etc.

Take away: Upon completion of French 1, you will be able to identify all objects around you, you will be able to handle a short conversation with any native French or Francophone. You will also be familiar with some of French vast culture through projects. You will be  more prepared  for the next Level: French 2.

Finally, I am happy to be your French teacher this year.

We are going to enjoy this class and spend the most amazing year together.

Learning a new language is challenging. It also requires discipline, self-respect, determination and hard-work. In turn, it can be fun if you respect the  in-class rules . 

In- class rules

.Please arrive five minutes before the bell rings.

·Sit down silently

·Bring all your belongings with you such as: pens, pencils, notebooks, ipads, erasers and so forth. They are your working tools.

·As soon as the bell rings for the second time, stand up to pray.

·During prayer, do not talk with your classmate at the same time, SFP is a catholic school. Praying is part  of its culture. Please, respect God’s presence among us.

·Respect yourselves! Do not yell at your teacher or classmates. Control your emotions. Any disrespect  will lead to disciplinary actions such as :detention, calling parents, report to the Dean office.

·Pay attention to all class activities, do your assignments, participate in all  class activities. Class participation is the key to help you obtain your objectives and lift up your grades.

·Do not interrupt your classmates while they are speaking or asking questions.  Wait for your turn be granted.

·Do not stand up in my class for any reason unless I allow you to. Being noisy in class will result to a detention.

·Please, when using the bathroom, do not spend half of the period in there unless you have urgent need for that. If you do so, you run the risk of losing all the benefits of this class.

·Finally, do not be absent or late in French class. 

 After 5 consecutive absences without any valuable cause, five points will be deducted from your quarterly grade.


We will not use a specific book to learn French, we will use different books from which, handouts will be given to you,

Knowingly no book is complete, we are striving to find a good e-book that will meet your needs. We will also use online tools such as: Quizlet, Duolingo, Lingo etc  Remember: it is your your responsibility to save any handouts given to you.

Keep them in your folder in case we will need them for the next class or save it on your ipad if you want to go paperless. 

Do not use any your cellphone in class.Ipads can only be used unless I tell so

We will use smartboard, blackboard, ipads ,you-tube videos , Google classroom , materials as  teaching tools. We will learn French through music, games,  movies  and songs.

Grading Policy: Projects, tests and quizzes will be graded on 100 /%.  Homework will be graded out 50% .Please pay  attention to each activity done in class. All class activities matter! Remember to hand in all your assignments on due date.

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Bonne chance!

Good Luck!

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