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Hi Everybody,

 Welcome back!  Bon retour!

I am happy to be your French teacher once again this year.

French 3  2019/2020,  E  period.

Instructional methodology

Our primary objective is to learn to communicate in French. That’s why ,we will emphasize more on Speaking. We will read texts , study words and grammar rules with this end in mind. We will practice developing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.The majority of class time will be spent practicing speaking , listening and you will participate in partner and group work.

Course Rationale/Objectives

In addition to working toward increased proficiency in the French language, this course is intended to provide students enough Linguistic tools to better face the French Regents. Students will learn how to write short essays, read a French text and express their views accordingly.

French 3 Learning Outcomes

The main objective of the course is to help students develop skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the French language at an intermediate level. Your ability to understand and communicate will develop along with your knowledge of the vocabulary and grammatical structures of the language.  


understand the main idea and most details when listening to a passage based largely on known material.

understand the main topic and some details of an authentic text or one not primarily based on known material

comprehend questions on familiar topics.


·initiate and maintain a conversation in French at normal pace.

·Be able to engage in a French conversation with a Native French Speaker or a Francophone

·ask and answer questions on known topics with comprehensible grammar and pronunciation

·ask about, talk about, and describe yourself and others, and make comparisons

·narrate in the past

·request or suggest that someone do something

·perform these specific functions: paraphrase, ask for information, give directions, ask and tell what happened, persuade someone, order food and drink, ask for and give advice


·use reading strategies such as cognates and context.

·read slightly more complex texts on French culture and about current events,


·list items and activities related to a topic being studied (transportation, food, ecology health ,leisure, bullying  ,etc.)

·ask and answer questions on known topics with reasonably accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation

·write documents that do the following: problem-solve ,describe, compare, advise, convince or suggest, narrate past events

Cultural Awareness:

·demonstrate an understanding of francophone cultures in the United States, Haiti ,France, Quebec, the Caribbean, and West Africa

·demonstrate familiarity with selected French literary texts

At the end of the year, students should be able to:

·demonstrate comprehension of instructions, questions, and passages composed of familiar materials;

·express their views on familiar topics

·write original compositions using correct spelling, punctuation, and grammatical structures;

·demonstrate awareness of cultural connections and contrasts,of the culture of the target countries;and of sociolinguistic conventions.

Materials:  We will not use a specific textbook. We are striving to find an e-book that will meet your needs. In  between, additional resources will be used such as: smartboards, you-tube video, quizzlet, Duo linguo, Lingo and new Linguistics apps etc.

General Education Learning Outcomes,

·Critical Thinking (Gathering, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating and applying information.)

·Cultural awareness (Comparing, contrasting, and interpreting differences and commonalities among peoples, ideas, aesthetic traditions, and cultural practices.)

·Interpersonal skills (Interacting collaboratively to achieve common goals.)

·Life / Personal skills (Demonstrating effective learning, creative thinking, and personal responsibility.)

·Technology skills (Using appropriate technology to retrieve, manage, analyze, and present information.)

  Course Objectives:

·Synthesize strategies to comprehend written and spoken French on a variety of topics.

·Apply and synthesize language and culture skills to provide and obtain information, express emotions, exchange opinions, and create presentations on a variety of topic.

·Apply knowledge of Francophone cultures to demonstrate the relationship between the practices, products, and perspectives of these cultures

·Apply language and cultural skills to expand knowledge in other disciplines

·Analyze the nature of language by comparing French Syntax

·Apply language and culture skills both within and beyond the school setting not only to better equip them for the Regents but also to show evidence of becoming a lifelong learner

Projects Corner:

·1st semester: Series of projects

·Semester project: France,Haiti, Canada ,Belgium ,Martinique, Francophone Africa – Algeria , Senegal , and the Ivory Coast among others French Cinema, French Music, French Museums, French touristic sites.. (Tour Eiffel, champs Elysees, musees ( Le Louvre )etc)

·2nd semester:

·Major project : Le Petit Prince (St Exupery)

·Brief History of French, origin of French language.

Grading : 

We will adopt a 100% mode to assess the students on tests and 100% on quizzes, homework will be graded out 50% . Please pay attention to minor details in French 3 .

Key Information: 

Students are required to participate in all class activity.


Assignments should be handed in on due date.

Late work on projects and papers will not be accepted. Exceptions in extreme cases will be made only at the teacher's discretion.

  Student Expectations:

•  Students are expected to be in attendance and on time for all classes. Students should be in their seats with all required materials when the tardy bell rings.Remember! more than 5 absences will result to a deduction of 5 points on your quarterly grade. Beware!

•  Students are expected to bring Ipads, books, notebooks, binders, handouts and pens/pencils to class each day.

•  Students are expected to take examinations at the scheduled times except for an excused absence. Make-up examinations will be taken on the day the student returns to class.

•  Students should preserve the academic atmosphere of the classroom and not engage in any disruptive or distracting activity such as whispering/talking, walking around during lecture, etc.

•  Students are expected to devote sufficient study time to accomplish the stated goals and objectives of the course.

•  Show respect for yourself and others in conducting yourself during class. There are no insults or jokes made another's expense that are tolerated in this classroom.

• The same in-class rules for French 1&2 will be adopted in French 3. We will  reinforce a quiet  environment mode conducive to learning.

One more time, I am happy to be your French teacher again.

Bonne chance! Good luck! Bonne Besogne : Good Work!

  By signing this form, I affirm that I have read and understood the above Instructions,

Student signature _________________________________________

Parent signature __________________________________________


Good Luck!

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